Monday, November 26, 2007

Lovely Landscaping

Well, here's an eyeful for you, in the shape of our new front and back yards. I've tried to put the 'before' pictures on the left and the 'after' pictures on the right.

On these two pictures of the front entry, you can test your eyesight by looking for the little speck just inside the door. That's Chloe, the cat.

I know, this next one is actually a 'during' picture. I've always wanted the groceries delivered right to our door. Besides, Esther (the car) got to go off road a little bit, in a conservative sort of way.

Front yard:

Backyard, facing west.

Backyard, facing east.

We have a fabulous view of the mountains from our backyard.

So we took advantage of it by putting in a cute little seating area. Dizzy Hubby and I have already spent a morning or two kicking back. And of course I immediately christened it by knitting there (socks, which will show up here at a later date).

Blessings to ewe.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ta Da!

The Vest really is finished.

No close-up pictures because Pa is more important than knitting. But trust me: the ribbing matches and that nasty hole at the base of the V looks much better.

Pa (his name is John, by the way) wore it all evening, even though it didn't really go with his very brown ensemble. Pretty happy guy considering he's fighting cancer, eh?

Here he is with Ma (a.k.a. Betty). Obviously, they (and the whole family, really) are in good humor and continuing to enjoy life together.

Pa starts radiation today and will be going into USC/Norris (a wonderful hospital if you have to be in one) every week day or so, for the next three weeks. The goal is to reduce the cancer mass. Your positive thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

While I wasn't truly monogamous with this project, the vest did get knit to completion much faster than it would have otherwise. Dizzy Hubby has a vested interest (sorry) in my next project. I think I'll try the monogamous thing again with his sweater vest. Being the ever-patient man that he is, Dizzy Hubby isn't holding his breathe that his vest will be next. This is good because it has been 7ish years in the making so far.

Personally, I don't think I'll use this pattern again because the neck opening is just too big. Even for a V-neck. I'll go back to the ol' Patton's Back to Basics II. It's conservative in style, but so are the men in my life.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Finished! Not.


I knit the armholes' ribbing as K2,P2. Then I knit the ribbing for the neck as K1, P1. I can't even claim that the armholes and the neck were done on different days. Sigh.

In addition, the bottom of the V is pretty wonky. It turns out that I unknit a bit when I was trying to do something clever. I can't even remember what that clever thing was. Sigh.

I don't know what I'm going to do here. Is it possible to bind off in the middle of the section without continuing the wonkiness? I guess I'll find out.

It really isn't hard to figure out why Adam was willing to part with a rib for Eve. He probably thought he could keep her from complaining once she learned how to knit.

Here we go again.

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