Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Second Sock Sydrome

I rarely get around to making the second sock in a pair. I have heard that two socks are a pair, but one sock is art. I'm choosing to think, therefore, that I'm quite artistic.

But now I have this beautiful sock yarn that tempted me sorely while I was knitting Papa's Monogamous Vest. But I've resisted until now. It is 'Melody' by Jojoland.

Determined to knit both socks, I chose this variegated yarn (and now my favorite) to try my hand at a rotating rib pattern. I also decided to try knitting on Double-Pointed needles which hasn't happened since my first sock. All of this should keep me going well into the second sock. (In the past I was not happy with the 5" DPs but the 7.5" needles aren't so bad).

Of course, most of the way through the first sock (which I'm loving!) my mind starts straying toward non-sock knitting thoughts. Obviously it is time to trick the brain (again, sigh).

I have a second ball of yarn and I have circular needles. Hmm. By golly, I think I'll try a little experiment: compare knitting on DPs with knitting on circular needles. I wonder which needles will feel better in my hands.

The back up plan is to try to reverse the rotating pattern in the opposite direction. And just to be sure, I'm starting the second sock before finishing the first. This way, the whole project turns into an UFO if I don't do the second sock. Maybe this 'double dare ewe' approach will increase the FIQ (Finish It! Quotient).

The first two attempts on circular needles were made on 16" Addi Turbos. Rather octopussy because all of the needles kept wanting to get into the action (and to think this is what I disliked about DPs). Not wanting to mess up the experiment, however, I switched over to longer circulars (one 24" and one 32" to be exact). These seem to be working quite well. The cords are long enough for the needles to dangle out of the way. Of course, Chloe the Cat finds this quite exciting while she's curled up in my lap. I, being the felines' matriarch, worry about poking out a kitty eye.

But now...the ultimate humiliation in Second Sock Syndrome: I've knit and finished the first sock (of a different pair, obviously. But not to worry, the rotating ribs socks are coming around). Now I'm on my way through the second sock. Problem...?
I can't find the first finished sock!!

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