Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fiber Discipline

In faith-building and spiritual formation, folks often speak of spiritual disciplines. These disciplines, or intentional practices, include regular prayer, readings that support and challenge one's beliefs, sabbath, being in a community such as church, and oh, so much more.

Thanks to the Yarn Harlot, (Aug. 10 blog) there is yet another discipline to be added to my list of important priorities. This demanding practice is called Project Monogamy. That's right - sticking to one project from start to finish.

You see, my usual modus operandi is to start a new project whenever I:
  1. see a new and lovely yarn or fiber that Speaks to me,
  2. feel stressed, bored, restless, or competitive,
  3. see an inspiring thing of beauty that someone actually finished (!)
  4. guild projects and challenges, and, of course
  5. wanting to gift special someones whose important dates (read deadlines) are altogether too soon (Hubby's 7-year sweater vest is the obvious example, but that's another lengthy blog for another time).
This concept of Project Monogamy is sooo foreign to my nature that I just have to give it a try. It brings on a strange mix of feelings that I can only describe as horrified curiosity. So, yes, I am going to challenge myself to make a project from start to finish, sans the infidelity of working on other projects for the duration. This brings on its own set of fiberish moral dilemnas (what to do while riding in the car during the spinning stage, for example). Dizzy Hubby is a bit sceptical, I do believe.

But here is the real rub: with so many UnFinished Objects, how does one determine the one project to which one will be monogamous? Do I go back to the beginning and work in chronological order? Do I gaze lovingly at the shelves of UFO's and pick the one that catches my eye at the moment? Do I ask Helga (Schacht Matchless wheel) want she wants to play with next? Oh, no. Obviously the answer is to...

start a new project!!

Of course! Why go through the anguish of choosing from the shelves when I could spend the time in that delirious state of mind called design mode? Oh, the potential and possibilities! (Hmm, could this be the reason behind such a plethora of UFO's ? I'll think about that later).

Since I've never made anything for Pa (yeah, his cancer is back), he is the obvious recipient of choice. Now onto the blissful beginnings of project development and design...

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