Friday, April 6, 2007

Family Matters

(I finally got the Sheep Game link up and running, so now ewe can try it).

My dad's cancer has come back in full force and he is now undergoing a more traditional/heavy duty chemo. routine (prayers requested). I will be staying closer to home this next year or so (hopefully longer) to be familyish.
The Dizzy Ewe's merchandise will still be available through the gallery, as usual. Variety Packs will be at some shows, care of The Soap Plantation.
In June, The Dizzy Ewe will be at the Griffin Dye Works Retreat in Castaic (only a couple hours away). This is always a fun-filled weekend with all sorts of tradition/ancient crafts (natural dye pots going almost 24/7, leather stamping, spinning, using lucets and so much more). Check it out! It is well worth the money.

About Me

I am a spinner and knitter in Southern California. I live with a very patient husband and two cats in a house full of wool and cat toys (with the occasional musical instrument to keep the hubby happy).