Thursday, September 20, 2007

The One Night Stand

The Los Angeles Fiber Guild did an outreach thing by demonstrating spinning at the Los Angeles County Fair. Here are Karen, Cathy and Una going round and round while sitting in one place (only spinners can defy the laws of physics in this way, you see).

Spinning is lovely. Spinning is spiffy. I love spinning. ...but, now is Not the Time For Spinning.

I knew this would happen when I signed on for Project Monogamy. Did I not tell you about the fiberish dilemmas that would occurr? And sure enough, while I'm knitting Pa's sweater vest, the time came to spin. That's right, spinning when I should be knitting. What to do?

I thought, a) the Fair is an outreach opportunity for spinners to show young and old that our craft is still alive and well (not to mention getting to watch their faces while they try to figure out what the heck we're doing), and b) I took-on a commission to spin 2 ounces of Himalayan cat fur. I told Butterball's owner that I would spin her gorgeous kitty hair by the end of the month so it could be used in a piece of art. An honest-to-goodness deadline.

I thought some more. Yes, it would be cheating on Pa's sweater, but it was only for one day. It was for a good cause (not voyeuristic at all...). It was only a little bit - a mere 2 ounces. And it would never happen again, I promise!

I thought...
I wavered...
I caved.

Oh, the infidelity of it all!

So meet Butterball, the Himalayan. She came to me in soft wads (only 2 ounces!).

And here is Butterball getting wispy and ready for spinning (it was only one day!).

Here is Butterball on the wheel. I was surprised to discover that the fur was a bit greasy, but nothing different that petting my own kitties, I suppose. Butterball was fun and interesting to spin, actually. I really love the soft, fuzzy halo (I mean like... I love Pa's sweater vest).

So now that my fling with Butterball is over, I'll not lament, but return to my true (current) companion that is my father's sweater vest. We have reconciled and are continuing our journey together. Ahh.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ready, Set, Monogamy!

Okay, the Monogamous Project has begun (about a week ago, actually). I couldn't decide what to make for Pa, so I bounced ideas off the Dizzy Hubby: socks - no, full-on sweater (hoping this would make Pa live longer as it would take longer to make) - no because he never gets that cold, blankie for his naps - no, scarf - no. Obviously, I was just getting vetoes here so I finally got smart and went to the paternal source. He said, "Sweater vest, although I'm not sure that's the best use of your time."


Evidently the pater doesn't understand that spinning and knitting
aren't merely a 'use of one's time,' but a necessity! If I'm making a Monogamous Project, it might as well be for him. It's not like I can just not knit. I guess this logic is just a bit beyond those of the non-fiber world.

With thoughts of spinning gorgeousness in my mind and knowing tha
t Pa is a blue-and-brown kinda guy, I dug into the stash and came up with "Denim" Merino top, of which Dizzy Hubby approved:

I started spinning, imagining true perfection. Unfortunately, I also decided to practice my long-draw spinning... from combed top... not so good. As it turned out, long-draw isn't saving a bit of time like I thought it would (duh). Nor does Pa have that lumpy aura of style about him. It's nice enough yarn, just not (at all!) perfect for this project.
So, back to the drawing board. Knowing how long it would take me to spin the truly perfect yarn for this project (I'm capable of coming close, but Dizzy Hubby is still waiting for that 7-year sweater vest), I decided that knitting commercial yarn was the way to go this time. It's not that Pa doesn't deserve a fully hand-spun and hand-knit garment. He does. But he also deserves to wear the thing sometime this winter!

Not taking any chances, I go to The Yarn Deli with Dizzy Hubby in tow. We find a beautiful Merino Superwash from Reynolds, called Revue:

Is it luscious? Yes. Is it soft and bouncy? Yes. Is it eye-candy? Sorta. Cable thoughts begin to circle over my head, only to be shot down by my beloved males. Oh well. I did need a "new" technique, though, so I'm trying the knitting-on-one-circular-needle thing. It is now coming along quite nicely, but oh, the stories to come...

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