Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dyeing in Paradise

I just came back from Paradise (fabulous folks there!), where I got to teach some spinning and dyeing classes (dying... Paradise..., yeah).

On Saturday, we played with color, using two methods of painting fiber. We each had two 2 oz. bundles of Blue-Face Leicester wool. Without realizing it, I picked the same colors for both methods.

One of the
2 oz. bundles was a bit lighter than the other, so I decided to spin it from light to dark. I haven't been all that picky about the quality of the spinning - just having fun with the colors. Next, I'll ply it from a center-pull ball so the light end and dark end are plied together.

As you can see, the light to dark color idea didn't quite happen. No matter. It is still fabulous, if I do say so, myself.

Warm, soapy soak to set the twist so it wouldn't do the messy, untwisted thing when I started knitting with it. Hmm, green water so there must have been too much dye. Back to the rinse tub.

The results?

I like it!

It is more variegated and interesting than the theoretical version. I think I'll knit the neck warmer in the most recent Spin-Off magazine (yes, I know... believe it when you see it done).

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